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We all want freedom. We want our own space. We want freedom of speech, thought and action. But sometimes freedom can cost you.

I would like to share a story with you all.

Three years ago I decided to move out from home. I wanted freedom. I wanted my own space. I did not want a granny to come into my room telling me to go to bed cause it is getting late. I did not want her to come to my desk and tell me last minute cramming is not going to work, that instead I should be getting some rest before the exam. I left an old granny, my paternal grandmother, who have taken an active role in taking care of me for well over twenty years to live on her own, because I wanted freedom. My desire for freedom have overwhelmed me at the time.

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Living space

Moving on to shelter. We all fantasize what our future dream home will look like. We dream about living in a well-suited, tailored-to-self space. Sometimes we will work hard and play less to trick our minds into thinking we can reach and touch this dream. Then reality will hit us hard, but what did we gain? Experience and perhaps motivation or what those theorists will call drive. I like to understand drive as a cluster of mental energy that push us towards our desires.

With the cost of living being jacked up throughout urban cities, not even thinking about luxury homes, independent housing becomes a fantasy for most.

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